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You may wish to buy Emla cream as it is just one substance that can be used to help treat premature ejaculation (PE). If you appear to be suffering from this condition, you are probably finding that when you get sexually aroused or attempt intercourse, ejaculation is happening too quickly. If you have taken medical advice, you may have been diagnosed as having either Acquired PE or Lifelong PE. Lifelong PE usually manifests at a young age whilst Acquired PE normally occurs in later life. There are many causes of PE which is a common complaint and you should consult a doctor for help. Once he has identified the cause of the condition he can begin to treat it.

In the meantime, whilst the cause of your PE is being dealt with medically, there are treatments that you can use to deal with the symptoms of your condition. If using a thicker condom is not effective and behavioural strategies are not successful either, then there are medications available that will help you to reduce the sensitivity of the penis when you need to. One of these is Emla cream.  You can buy Emla cream which is a mix of two ingredients, lidocaine and prilocaine. When combined they produce an ointment that can be used to help with premature ejaculation.


Where to buy Emla cream


You can buy Emla cream as it is easily obtained from a pharmacy with a prescription or you can buy online. If you wish to buy from a website but do not have a prescription then you will usually be asked to complete a simple questionnaire before your medication is issued to you.  The website doctor will ask you a series of questions and the answers will enable him to diagnose your condition. Once this has been done, if it looks like Emla cream would be a suitable remedy for you, he will be able to issue your online prescription and put your chosen items into your shopping trolley for purchase and despatch. Buy Emla cream here.


How to use Emla cream


Because it works as a mild anaesthetic and is sometime used to prevent pain, Emla cream is also an ideal product to use if premature ejaculation is causing you a problem. You will sometimes find it used in tattoo parlours as it numbs the skin. It also comes in a spray form but the most commonly used version is the cream which is simply applied to the penis outer skin before intercourse. You need to obtain and buy Emla cream before planning sexual intercourse.


How quickly does Emla cream start to work?


You can easily buy Emla cream. It works fairly quickly and a slight numbness or anaesthetic feeling takes place approximately 15 minutes after application. Just use a small amount of the cream and apply to the head of the penis which is the most sensitive part. Once you feel your penis becoming numb, wash off the remaining cream before you have intercourse. It is best to do this otherwise the cream may rub off onto your partner and they will lose sensation too.


Possible side effects of Emla cream


Once you buy Emla cream, you do need to be aware of possible side effects. Look out for signs of unusual sensations on your skin; a burning feeling; pale or red skin or swelling; itching and problems with breathing or swelling of the face or lips. In the unlikely event that you do experience any of these side effects, or any other unexpected problems, stop using the cream straight away and contact your doctor for medical help.

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Hanky-Panky: 5 Easy Ways You Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Although many couples might play down the importance of it, there’s no denying that sex forms a vital part of any healthy relationship. And what most people will agree is that while it is always exciting and different at the beginning of a relationship, it might begin to lose it’s spark once the relationship has gone beyond a certain stage, or endured for a long period of time. Indeed, spicing up one’s sex life is something which many people refer to once they’re in a position with their partners which is comfortable.


Some men of a certain age may find themselves turning to medication such as sildenafil citrate from Online Pharmacies to help them when they run into trouble in the bedroom. If you’re suffering from irregular blood flow, then this can cause erectile dysfunction, and prescription medication of this type can help.


But you should never use medication to ‘spice up’ your sex life. You should only consider it if you suffer from a condition which affects your ability to have sex.


That said, there other ways you can spice up your sex life if you feel as though it has become stale. Here is our guide to putting the excitement back into your sex life if it’s needs a little help:


Sexy Messages


One way to get you and your partner fired up before sex is to send each other naughty messages during the day. If you’re planning on getting down to business later, let them know that you’re excited – build up anticipation, and get your juices flowing. It’ll make all the difference when the time comes.


Dressing Up


You don’t have to throw money away on sexy nurse’s outfits and firemen costumes if you don’t have the funds. One way for you ladies to get his blood pumping might be to wear little besides a pair of high heels, to help elongate and ‘sensualise’ your legs. And gents, it might not hurt, providing you’ve got the torso for it, to spend a little time in your jeans and no top – especially if there’s anything broken in the house which needs fixing.


Role Play


It sounds cheesy, but try it. Meet for dinner. Pretend it’s your first date. Get to know each other all over again. You might be surprised at how much the pretence boosts your sexual encounter later on.


Change It Up


Doing it one place all the time can lead to familiarity, and make sex less exciting. So be experimental. Do it in different places. The change of scenery will help to make it feel fresh, new and most importantly, dangerous.


Be Spontaneous


After a certain amount of time, sex can become something of a routine. Obviously, no two couples are the same. For some, sex can become stale quite quickly. For others it can take longer. And for others, it might never become stale at all. This can make it quite difficult to know when sex has become something you do as a couple a certain number of times a week because you have to. One of the keys to keeping it fresh is to be spontaneous. Try, wherever possible, to surprise your partner when you can. You might choose to have a romantic dinner ready and waiting for your partner when they get home from work one night, and have decorated the bedroom with silk sheets and petals. Or you might send flowers to them with a naughty note. Use your imagination. Whatever unexpected treats you can devise, they all help to keeping your relationship sexy, exciting and fun.

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